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Cheaper steel tube stone umbrella base
Product Name:Cheaper steel tube stone umbrella base
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Cheaper steel tube stone umbrella base is popular in middle east market. The Granite bumbersoll base hold your umbrella stable.

1.Which fit a patio umbrella pole with up to a 2" diameter.

2 Weighing 77lbs this stand will anchor your patio umbrella and help keep it from blowing away.

3.This stand is rust deterrent and weather proof. Includes a tightening screw to help keep pole secure. 

4.The weight ,shape and color can be customized.  

Welcome contact stella to know more information.   Whats app: 86 133 6504 0168


Shape Weight Size (mm) Shape Weight Size (mm) Shape Weight Size (mm)
Round 20 480×42 Square 20 480×480×32 Octangle 20 480x480x40
25 480×53 25 480x480x40 30 480x480x60
30 480×65 27 480x480x45 40 480x480x76
35 480×70 30 480x480x50 50 550×550×75
40 480×75 35 480x480x55 60 600×600×75
45 480×80 40 480x480x65      
46 480×80 45 480x480x70      
50 600×65 50 480x480x80      
60 600×78 60 600x600x60      


We parpared all parts for you, you can install it easier. And now for market, there are 3 kinds:

A: Carry handle with wheels .(It's popular, photo as follows)

Carry handle with roller.jpg

B: Trolley(More luxury more expensive)

Trolley detail.jpg

C:No wheel.(Cheaper but inconvenient)

Simple detail.jpg

More style and material can be for umbrella base.

We have a big shipment for granite umbrella base to Germany, French and Poland.We know what do you want.

 Hyperbetter packed granite umbrella base in safe way:


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