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Colorful stone patio umbrella base
Product Name:Colorful stone patio umbrella base
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Colorful stone patio umbrella base  is popular in market.

1.Which fit a patio umbrella pole with up to a 2" diameter.

2 Weighing 88 lbs this stand will anchor your patio umbrella and help keep it from blowing away.

3.This stand is rust deterrent and weather proof. Includes a tightening screw to help keep pole secure. 

4.The weight ,shape and color can be customized.  


Welcome contact stella to know more information.  

Shape Weight Size (mm) Shape Weight Size (mm) Shape Weight Size (mm)
Round 20 480×42 Square 20 480×480×32 Octangle 20 480x480x40
25 480×53 25 480x480x40 30 480x480x60
30 480×65 27 480x480x45 40 480x480x76
35 480×70 30 480x480x50 50 550×550×75
40 480×75 35 480x480x55 60 600×600×75
45 480×80 40 480x480x65      
46 480×80 45 480x480x70      
50 600×65 50 480x480x80      
60 600×78 60 600x600x60      


More style and material can be for umbrella base.

We parpared all parts for you, you can install it easier. And now for market, there are 3 kinds:

A: With wheels and handles.(It's popular, photo as follows)

B: Trolley(More expensive)

C:No wheel.(Cheap but inconvenient)

 Hyperbetter packed granite umbrella base in safe way:




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